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  • Ano de Lançamento: 2017|

Letra da Música A L I E N S

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We were just about to lose our home
Diamonds ate the radio
Moving in the dead of night
We took photographs, just some, just so
History has some to know
We were moving at the speed of flight

Kids cry

If you want to
That’s alright
If you want to
Hold me
Hold me tight

Just an alien

We were hovering without a home
Millions are UFO
Hovering in hope some scope tonight
Sees the light and says

Fly if you want to
That’s alright
But if you want to
Call me
Call this line

Just an alien
Just an alien
Oh, we just want to get home again

Tell your leader, sir or ma’am
We come in peace, we mean no harm
Somewhere out there, in the unknown
All the ETs are phoning home
Watching my life on the skyline
Crossing your eyes for a lifetime

Just an alien (moving target)
Target movement
A patch, a corner
Of the spacetime

Just an alien (turning toward it)
Turning pages
Over Asia
Crossing ages

Just an alien
Oh, we just want to get home again

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